Google Will Show your 'Real' Face, The Company Has Added A New Filter, Use This Way

Through Real Tone image technology, more natural and real skin tones appear in pictures. Now this feature has been released for all users. Learn how to use

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In the Google Pixel 6 smartphone, the company had added an amazing feature - Real Tone image technology. Through this, a more natural and real skin tone appeared in the pictures. After being only for Pixel 6 for some time, now this feature has been released for all users.

Google has released Real Tone Image technology for Google Photos, due to which Android, iOS and desktop users can now use it as well. The new filters named Playa, Honey, Isla, Desert and Clay are coming to the devices one by one. Here we show you how to use Real Tone filters on your device:

Use Google's real tone filter like this

Using Real Tone Filter on your Android smartphone is quite easy. All you have to do is wait for the update for Google Photos to arrive on the Play Store. When the update becomes available to you, upgrade to the latest version. After that follow the steps given below:

Open the Google Photos app.

Select the photo to which you want to apply the filter.

Tap the Edit icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe up on editing tools and tap Filters.

Select one of the new Real Tone filters (Playa, Honey, Isla, Desert or Clay) for your photo.

If you want to make any further changes to the picture, tap Adjust.

Now tap on Save Copy to download the photo.

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